Lutz Crest     San Filippo Crest

Lutz-San Filippo is a practice dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of individuals, groups, and organizations. We are located in Minneola, Florida.

Dr. San Filippo’s vocational practice is focused on the evaluation of individuals with physical and/or mental conditions that impact their employability and the representation of disabled individuals seeking Social Security benefits.

Dr. San Filippo’s Social Security Disability practice is focused on assisting adult disabled individuals Social Security Disability benefits. He will assist you with applying for Social Security disability benefits. He will assist you to complete all of the paperwork required by the Social Security administration, file all the required forms, and represent you before the Social Security Administration.

David San Filippo, Ph.D., also offers education  and consulting services in the areas of personal development, trauma, grief, & vocational issues.

The Lutz-San Filippo Library offers resources regarding vocational & social security issues. The library also has numerous resources for individual, family, and group development and enhancement.


1 Response to Welcome to LUTZ-SAN FILIPPO

  1. Chris Grimes says:

    Hi Dave! Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long. Still alive and kicking. How you been?

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