Vocational & Labor Market Sources

Vocational Information:

·         O-Net: http://online.onetcenter.org

·         Bureau of Labor Statistics: www.bls.gov

·         Fed Stats: www.fedstats.gov

·         MyFlorida.com: www.myflorida.com

·         Choices Planner: www.florida.echoices.com

·         Dictionary of Occupational Titles: www.occupationalinfo.org

Job Search sites:

·         All Job Search:  www.alljobsearch.com

·         Federal Job Search:  www.federaljobsearch.com

·         State Jobs:  www.statejobs.com

·         U.S.A. Jobs:  www.usajobs.com

·         America’s Job Bank:  www.ajb.dni.us

·         Work Force Florida:  www.worksourcefl.com

·         Florida Jobs:  www.floridajobs.org

Salary Information:

·         Salary.com:  www.salary.com

·         Monster.com:  www.monster.com


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